Fabarm brescia italy

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fabarm brescia italy

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fabarm brescia italy

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fabarm brescia italy

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The above video offers a tour of Fabarm's Brescia, italy, manufacturing facilities. Brescia has a large industrial area, skin actually ranked as third-largest in Italy that focuses on automotive and mechanical engineering. I encountered this intriguing gun on my recent trip to the fabarm factory in Brescia in Northern Italy. Il nome fabarm derivante da fabbrica Bresciana di armi significa letteralmente fabbrica di armi di Brescia. Shotgun 12 gauge fabarm axis for sporting shooting or hunting Fabarm usa new shotgun for sporting shooting or hunting Fabarm usa. january 2011, Brescia, caesar guerini today announced that it takes equity stake in Fabarm. Creating the second largest shotgun. The city is the administrative capital of the Province of Brescia, one of the largest in Italy, with about.2m inhabitants. Fabarm Factory tour in Brescia, italy - délka: 7:28. Randy wakeman 81 013 zhlédnutí.

fabarm brescia italy

Province of, brescia, the, fabarm,. Company is one of, italy cream 's main manufacturers of tactical, defensive and Police shotguns. Via averolda, travagliato (BS). ground near, brescia in, italy, when I was making a visit to the. Fabarm factory a serious concern making nearly 30,000 sporting. Today, fabarm has an extremely hair modern 10,000-square-meter factory located. Brescia, italy, and a production capacity of almost. guns mounts pads muzzle break gun oil gun cleaner gunslips gun cases shooting vests shooting caps fabarm spa travagliato brescia italy. lioness of, italy brescia is the home of Italian caviar, and is known for being the original production area of the Franciacorta. the second largest shotgun manufacturer in Italy.

STF/12 shotgun, fabarm

Storia, l'azienda fabarm nasce intorno al 1900, fondata dai discendenti d'una grande dinastia di Brescia, la famiglia galesi. Il nome fabarm derivante da fabbrica bresciana di armi significa letteralmente fabbrica di armi di Brescia. Durante i primi decenni del ventesimo secolo la produzione si compone essenzialmente di fucili giustapposti e di pistole. Subito dopo la seconda guerra mondiale, la produzione si espande con dei fucili sovrapposti che si aggiungono alla produzione di giustapposti tipo Anson, con la produzione di canne basculanti per altre marche, e più decisamente nel mezzo degli anni 50, di carabine ed aria compressa. Alla fine degli anni 60, fabarm introduce il suo primo fucile semi-automatico, il goldenmatic che possiede un meccanismo detto «a lungo rinculo negli anni 70 si conferma la dimensione industriale di fabarm con un ampliamento della gamma: ai fucili sovrapposti da gara dove il prodotto. Arma leggera, apivita possiede una carcassa in ergal 55, l'ellegi avrà un immenso successo in Europa, piazzando fabarm tra una delle poche aziende che utilizzano la tecnica di ricarica semi-automatica.

Fabarm brescia italy
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Fabarm comes from fabbrica bresciana di armi, literally Arms Manufacturer. Today, fabarm has an extremely modern 10,000-square-meter factory located. Brescia, italy, and a production capacity of almost 20,000 weapons per year. Axis 1 fucili semiautomatici. Brescia italy, fax (39) Web: http www.

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Brescia, la famiglia galesi. Fabarm derivante da fabbrica bresciana di armi significa letteralmente fabbrica di armi. The name, fabarm comes from fabbrica bresciana di armi, literally Arms Manufacturer. The, fabarm factory was launched around 1900 by the galesi family, one of the great Brescian dynasties.

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The official website of, fabarm company. Learn all about the range of hunting, competition and law enforcement shotguns. Storia del Produttore: Fabarm Brescia italy, l azienda. Fabarm nasce intorno al 1900, fondata dai discendenti d una grande dinastia.

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At the end of the 60s, fabarm introduces its first semi-automatic shotgun, the goldenmatic, which has a mechanism called long recoil The decade of the 70s confirms fabarms industrial dimension with an enlargement of the range. To the over-and-under competition shotguns, of which the spearhead is the stl, winning several world championships, to the side-by-side shotguns with four lugs, world leader for shooting live pigeons, are added the pump-action shotguns and above all, the semi-automatic ellegi with its gas operating mechanism. A light firearm with an ergal 55 frame, the ellegi has an immense success in Europe and places fabarm as one of the rare businesses to master the technique of semi-automatic reloading.

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History, the fabarm factory is launched around 1900 by the galesi family, one of the great Brescian dynasties. The name fabarm comes from fabbrica bresciana di armi, literally Arms Manufacturer in Brescia. During the first decades of the twentieth century, production is mainly side-by-side shotguns and pistols. Just after the second World War, production takes off, with over-and-under shotguns added to the production of side-by-side, anson type ; with the production of break-down barrels for other brands; and, even more astonishingly, in the middle of the 1950s, compressed air rifles and 9mm.

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