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Is the design and manufacture of hemp textiles and accessories under its own label The hemp Line. The basic collection for women and men, which is varying every six months, is not only fashionable but also environmentally-friendly and socially responsible, as it is made by processing 100 hemp and hemp/organic cotton blends from controlled organic farming. The production facilities are certified according to the gots (Global Organic Textile Standard). A series of top quality hemp cosmetics rounds off the extensive the hemp Line range. With the hanfHaus catalog and the online shop hempro Int. Provides health-conscious consumers with a wide range of the best hemp products available worldwide at competitive prices. The exclusive product range includes well-known brands like braintree, pure and own brands like the hemp Line and hanf farm. Ihr Partner in Sachen Hanf! Kg ist Produzent und Großhändler für die gesamte Produktpalette von Hanf(rohstoff)produkten im Bereich Nahrungsmittel sowie für Textilien, Accessoires und Kosmetik. Mit der konsequenten Umsetzung einer auf Produktqualität konzentrierten Strategie ist es Hempro Int. Gelungen sich europaweit als eines der größten Hanfunternehmen zu etablieren. Der Geschäftsführer Daniel Kruse blickt auf jahrzehntelange Erfahrung im Hanfmarkt zurück. Nach seiner langjährigen Tätigkeit beim pionier-Unternehmen HanfHaus GmbH (Berlin gründete er 2002 Hempro International. Seine erfolgreiche firmenphilosophie: zuverlässiger Partner für Industrie und Verbraucher sein, die beste face am Markt erhältliche Produktqualität garantieren sowie ökologie und ökonomie erfolgreich verbinden.

co2 laser erfaring

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His successful company philosophy is to be a reliable partner for industry and consumers, guarantee the best product quality available on skin the market and successfully combine ecology and economy. Since it was founded, hempro Int. Has counted renowned companies among its regular dress customers. Is a regular member of the european Industrial Hemp Association (eiha) and a member of the canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (chta). The main area of Hempro Int. S business is the development and production of hemp food products, in which the company has proved itself to be a reliable partner and supplier for the processing food-industry for conventional and also controlled organic quality. Well-known producers of food and bakery products as well as leading wholesalers regularly make bulk purchases of raw materials such as hemp seeds, husked hemp nuts, cold-pressed hempseed oil, refined hempseed oil, hemp flour, hemp protein powder and hemp dietary fiber through Hempro Int. The companys successful own brand hanf farm also exemplifies Hempro Int. S high quality standard. With hanf farm the duesseldorf-based company succeeded in bringing onto the market an extensive range of food products made from all the valuable raw materials that the hemp plant has to offer. Also devises product developments and recipes for numerous private-label customers and carries out contract production for them. A further core competency of Hempro Int.

co2 laser erfaring

well as textiles, accessories and cosmetics. By consistently following a strategy focused on product quality, hempro Int. Has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the largest hemp companies in Europe. The managing Director Daniel Kruse has decades of experience in the hemp market. Having worked for many years at the pioneer-company hanfHaus GmbH (Berlin he founded Hempro International in 2002.

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With its professional ap- proach to the development and innovation of recyclable natural fibre pro- ducts, hempFlax is the first link in a sustainable industrial chain. Material This industrial production chain decollete is a result of sustainable agriculture. Every year, hempFlax obtains new natural fibres, particularly fibre hemp, through contract cultivation with arable farmers in the netherlands and Germany. By putting recyclable raw materials on the market, hempFlax has gained a leading position in this innovative industrial development. Its main objective is to produce recyclable raw materials for industrial end products and commodities for the consumer market. HempFlax gives entrepreneurs and consumers the opportunity to give substance to their responsibility for the environment. The sustainable chain functions according to the universal environmental thinking and awareness of right-minded people aimed at continuing the ecological circle as long as possible. Entrepreneurs, managers, banks and consumers should make an effort to use the possibilities afforded by hempFlax. Products With its vision and innovative decisiveness, hempFlax in the netherlands and Germany gives meaning to the term agrification. By providing recyc- lable raw materials, environmentally harmful synthetic fibres made kopen of fossil raw materials such as nylon and plastics can be replaced by fibres made of recyclable raw materials. Mark reinders Postbus zj oude pekela The netherlands Phone: 31(0) Fax: 31(0) e-mail: homepage: m Contact HempFlax Europe. Mark reinders pianu de jos,.

Neben der Schälung von Hanfsamen zählen die gewinnung von kaltgepresstem Hanföl, die produktion von Hanfmehl, von Hanfprotein und von Hanf-Ballaststoffen zu unserem leistungsspektrum. Zu unseren Kunden zählen anerkannte lebensmittel- und Backwarenproduzenten genauso wie führende Großhändler. Eine weitere Produktionslinie ist die herstellung von Futtermittel, Kraftfutter und Futteröl für die tierfutterindustrie. Auch Nutzviehbetriebe werden mit unserem hochwertigen Kraftfutter aus beiprodukten wie dem Öl, Ölkuchen und Schroten beliefert. Im Bereich der Forschung und Entwicklung arbeitet Hemp Factory mit der weiterverarbeitenden Industrie, instituten, Anlagenbauern und Maschinenherstellern eng zusammen. Hierbei profitiert das Unternehmen auch von der über 20-jährigen Erfahrung des Geschäftsführers Daniel Kruse im Hanfmarkt. Contact Hemp Factory Gmbh daniel Kruse hadmerslebener Str. Kroppenstedt Germany Phone: 49 (0) e-mail: homepage: m Company presentation HempFlax in Oude pekela (NL) focuses on the production and processing of sustainable resources, semi-finished and finished products made from ecologically grown fibre hemp and flax. By professionally improving the development and innovation of renewable natural fibre products, hempFlax stands at the outset of a sustainable industrial chain. Company hempFlax in Oude pekela, the netherlands, manufactures and processes durable raw materials, semi-finished products and end products made from ecologically cultivated fibre hemp and flax.

We make sure to provide only the highest quality, best-selling cbd products from our network of 510 European distributors and retailers. Cannabinoids Laboratory services Harmonys Laboratory department helps our partners to unlock the full potential of hemp, locally. We offer white label, product design, organic raw materials, production quality standards marketing expertise to boost cannabinoids access everywhere. Contact Harmony Antonin Cohen 107 Cheapside london, ec2V 6dn great Britain Phone: e-mail: homepage: m Company presentation please see german version below hemp Factory produces hemp foodstuffs for the processing industry in both conventional and certified organic qualities. In addition to shelling the hemp seeds, our range of services includes the extraction of hemp oil by cold pressing, the production of hemp flour, hemp protein and hemp dietary fibre. Our customers include renowned food and baked goods producers as well as leading wholesalers. Another production line is the manufacture of fodder, concentrated feeding stuffs and fodder oil for the animal feed industry. We also supply livestock businesses with our high-quality concentrated feeding stuffs made from by-products, such as oil, oil cake and coarse meal. Moreover, in the field of research and development, hemp Factory works closely with the processing industry, institutes and manufacturers of installations machines. In doing so, the company is also able to benefit from the more than 20 years experience in the hemp market of its Managing Director, daniel Kruse. hemp Factory produziert Hanf-Nahrungsmitteln für die weiterverarbeitende Industrie in konventioneller als auch in kontrolliert biologischer qualität.

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Products Hemp seeds Hemp seed oil/hemp oil Hemp protein Hemp leaves Hemp pellets Hemp extract Contact Hanf Farm Gmbh rafael Dulon Berliner Str. 14 a 14169 Berlin Germany Phone: 49 (0) e-mail: homepage: company presentation Harmony is healthy, convenient and affordable hemp products for your entire family. We created Harmony to provide all the benefits of hemp that a body needs to thrive. We produce harmony in different forms and flavors to best match your lifestyle. Our mission we strive to provide affordable access to cannabinoids and improve personal well-being in harmony with nature. We see a world where billions of people could benefit from cannabinoids, but most of them dont have a safe or legal way of using them. We at Harmony use science, nature and business as tools to improve the quality and accessibility of cannabinoids so it is no longer a challenge, but a means of life improvement. Our activities Consumer Cannabidiol (CBD) kopen Products Harmonys Product Department creates botanicalbased cannabidiol (CBD) products that enhance the quality of life and restore the bodys balance. Hemp is one of the most active plants on the planet with over 400 different chemicals and we believe most people should use it daily. Cannabidiol (CBD) Products Distribution Harmonys Distribution Department selects and controls the quality of an extensive range of cannabidiol (CBD) products from other companies. co2 laser erfaring

The companys ultimate goal is to re-establish hemp as a cultivated plant in Germany and Europe and to integrate it into the agricultural cycle. In the course of this, we attach the utmost importance to manufacturing innovative and sustainably-sound products and paying equal attention to the ecological, social and economic aspects. Our vision is to satisfy this ambitious goal without exception throughout the entire production process already starting with hemp cultivation. We are now also seeing initial cultivation successes in traditional German growing regions where we favour organic areas that are close to future processing sites. In doing so, we focus on professional processing and first-rate product quality, a high degree of environmental compatibility, no animal testing, as well apteka as using commodities from certified organic growers. The managing Director of hanf farm, rafael Dulon, has been operating successfully in the hemp sector for more than 20 years. After his training in organic farming and in marketing he concentrated on the development and processing of high-quality hemp food products. Already in 1997, he started cultivating hemp seeds in Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg and had the hemp seeds processed into high-quality edible oils. Today, hanf farm gmbH cultivates hemp in many parts of Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe almost exclusively in organically farmed areas. Products Hemp seeds Hemp seed oil/hemp oil Hemp protein Hemp leaves Hemp pellets hanf farm ecological.

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Our product range includes hulled seeds, cold pressed oil, protein powder, vegetable oil capsules, flour, seed fibers, hemp seed bars and a body lotion based on hemp oil. We sell our products under Canah brand, private label or in bulk. Our facility was built in 2007 with state of the art equipment and we are iso 22000:2005 certified by the german tuv. Starting 2014 we are kosher certified for our products. We can also offer processing services for customers supplying their own hemp seeds. Canah international srl, daniela Sfrija, iosif vulcan Salonta, romania. E-mail: homepage: m, contact. Cavac biomateriaux, olivier Joreau 12, boulevard réaumur bp la roche-sur-yon cedex, france Phone: Fax: e-mail: homepage: m Contact coopérative centrale des Producteurs de semences de chanvre Christophe fevrier rue paul Ligneul le mans France Phone: e-mail: contact Dun Agro. Albert Dun raadhuisweg 11 9665 Oude pekela The netherlands Phone: 31 - (597) 675-592 Fax: 31-(597)-675-594 e-mail: homepage: contact Elixinol paul Benhaim 555 Burbank St, Unit j broomfield, colorado 80020 United States of America Phone: e-mail: homepage: m Contact gw research Ltd John Hobson Ground. Hanf farm has been working with the hemp plant for many years. Since 1996, when Germany once again allowed hemp to be grown as an make agricultural crop, our committed team has been specialising in the cultivation, processing and worldwide marketing of high-quality hemp products.

co2 laser erfaring

bafa is continuously involved in developing new products and solutions for our customers,. Pelletized fibres for compounding and injection moulding. Active participant in different research project. Products, fibres for industrial use, technical Fibres VF6 for non-woven applications: Automotive industry, insulation industry, geotextiles. Technical Fibres kf s20 for injection moulding. Technical Fibres skf 2 for injection moulding. New Product: Hemp Fibre soft Pellets. Further information at: p? Pdf2014/37.pdf, contact, bafa neu gmbH, bernd Frank, stephanstraße 2 76316 Malsch. Germany, phone: 49 (0), e-mail: vervolgopleiding homepage: company presentation, we are a hemp food manufacturer located on the w border of Romania to hungary. We only process hemp seeds, both conventional and organic certified, and are thus highly specialized in obtaining the best bogyó hemp seed products, all under one roof.

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Company presentation, bafa badische naturfaseraufbereitung is a young and private initiated natural fibres processing company we have a vast amount of artikel experience in developing and modifying natural fibres during the harvesting, retting and decortication stages. Our ambition is to modify hemp fibres to meet the demands of our customers and our project partners at the highest levels of quality and durability. The environment comes first in all our various approaches, thus bafa strives to advance both economic and environmental concerns for the mutual benefit of each. Facts about bafa: Established in 1996 after the cultivation of industrial hemp was legalized in Germany. connector between agriculture and industry. bafa processes hemp straw by mechanically separating the fibres from the shives. Three quality grades of hemp fibres are available for the consumer market and are sold on to industrial partners clients for further processing. Cleaned and dust-free shives are utilized. As horse bedding or in the construction business for structures of almost any kind. afa has developed a special combine harvester for hemp in cooperation with corporate partners Götz Inc. (lauingen) and the state-owned Landesanstalt für Pflanzenbau.

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Fra.000,- gynekomasti reduksjon av brystdannelse hos menn fra.000,- mage mageplastikk (stor) u/ fettsuging fra.000,- m/ tillegg av fettsuging av hele magen fra.000,- m/ tillegg av innstramming av hele bukvegg fra.000,- m/ tillegg av innstramming av øvre eller nedre bukvegg fra. Repeteres) Lappeplastikk fra.000.

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Panneløft fra.000,-, fettransplatasjon fra.000,-, nano fettransplantasjon fra.000,-, fettransplatasjon etterfyll fra.000,-, fettsuging dobbelthake fra.500. Hakereduksjon fra.000,-, halsplastikk fra.000,-, utstående ører (minimal invasiv begge fra.000. Delt øreflipp/øreflippplastikk, begge fra.000,- ensidig fra.800,- øreflippplastikk begge fra.000,- forminske ører fra.000,- arrkorreksjoner Individuell vurdering fra.000,- laserlipolyse fettfjerning med med samtidig hudoppstramming Ansikt/Jowls fra.000,- hals fra.000,- hud/Rynker/Arr/Blodkar/Pigment Obagi/zo medical kremprogram ift. Peelinger, lette til dype Obagi/ZO 3-step peel.000,- obagi/zo blue-peel.500,- co2-laserpeel Hele ansiktet.000,- rundt/under øynene fra.000,- rundt munnen fra.000,- kjemisk peel co2-laserpeel rundt munnen fra.000,- croton oil peel fra.000,- blodkar, ipl eller yag-laser ipl (diffus rødme) (1-4 behandlinger).500.

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Hos Bærum Plastikkirurgi og ønh utføres samtlige konsultasjoner av lege med bred erfaring. Generelt, konsultasjon lege 500,-, konsultasjon ønh 980,-, kontroll hud 400,-, ansikt, neseplastikk fra.000,- øvre øyelokk fra.800,-, nedre øyelokk fra.800. Øyelokk fra.000,- øvre og nedre øyelokk fra.800,-, hakeprotese fra.000,-, ansiktsløft fra.000,-, full facelift m/ midtansikt stor halsløft fra.000,-, trådløft fra.000.

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Laserlegene finnes i både Fredrikstad (Sarpsborg, moss, halden Strømmen og Kongsvinger. Vi er spesialklinikker for medisinsk hudlaserbehandling og hudpleie med vitenskapelig dokumenterte produkter. Her får du utført alt fra profesjonell hudpleie og injeksjonsbehandlinger, til avanserte laserbehandlinger av erfarne leger og helsepersonell).

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